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Smile design, like many other aesthetic procedures, has become fashionable, and is often performed on patients without any aesthetic need per se, but rather, due to a parameterized and standardized image of how teeth should look, often losing the true aesthetic relationship between the smile and the face that should be based on the individual characteristics of each person.

That is why I want you to know some of the parameters that dentists trained in true orofacial aesthetics take into account when determining if a patient requires some type of total intervention (smile makeover) to transform their smile, just a subtle touch up or even tell them with complete frankness to the patient that he needs absolutely nothing and any aesthetic procedure would only be about unnecessary treatment.

Stains that do not go away with teeth whitening

There are cases in which the tooth suffers from strong pigmentation in the internal tissue called dentin, which is found under the dental enamel and is what gives the tooth its color. Many times after a root canal this tissue can become pigmented over time, turning the tooth a dark coloration. In most cases this can be resolved with internal whitening, but there is a percentage of risk that this may recur, and to ensure the aesthetic result we have to resort to putting a veneer on the tooth and so in case it happens again, to avoid being noticed.

Bruxism Wear

If your teeth have been worn down by this condition, the way to recover lost dental tissue is with ceramic, ideally either with veneers or crowns (depending on the severity of the tissue loss). In this way, the ideal and natural proportion that corresponds to your face and physiognomy is returned, likewise, the correct function and relationship between the two jaws is restored, which is often compromised by not having the correct gear between the upper and lower teeth for this wear.

This is one of the most common indications, since there are many people who have small teeth that do not match their smile and face. So improving this aspect in its proper measure makes the smile stand out more, and gives a harmonious appearance in general.

If you already have a smile design but it looks fake!

If this is your case, run to a true specialist in dental aesthetics and change it. Many people are disappointed in this. treatment for the false result and outside the true aesthetic parameters that a real specialist does or does take into account to carry out the treatment. When this happens, they stigmatize the smile design because they believe that everyone looks the same as if it were something standardized. A natural and harmonious smile are the objectives of true dental aesthetics!

In any of the cases mentioned above, you can consider making an assessment appointment and thus, together with the advice of your dentist, make the right decision. Remember that in our Silvia Hoyos Clinic you can find personalized advice. Our headquarters is in Bucaramanga, Colombia but we carry out virtual assessments if you are in another city or outside the country.

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